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Exercise-Induced Asthma

The quality of life of an asthmatic is very important. Many patients with a chronic cough have unrecognized asthma. Other patients who have documented asthma and are not being treated appropriately, also have a chronic cough and, at times, a wheeze. Moreover, their activities may be somewhat restricted.

For example, we frequently see children, particularly teenagers, who it turns out have asthma, who describe themselves as not being interested in sports or their parents say, "He is not interested in sports at all and does not like that type of activity."

In fact, what may frequently be occurring is that the patient without know exactly what it is, has exercise-induced asthma; that is, if someone with asthma runs hard without appropriate treatment, four or five minutes later, he usually feels a tightness in the chest and at times, begins wheezing and/or coughing.

If this has frequently occurred, the patient may become quite discouraged and does not participate in sports. Thus, one aspect of the quality of life is full participation in sports.